Announcing the Hideaway Studio Summer Sale


I have decided to have a Summer Sale offering 50% off all Hideaway Studio Kontakt libraries and bundles….


Please note that the Summer Sale offers are only currently available via Kontakt Hub only and not the main Hideaway Studio site:

Visit Hideaway Studio on Kontakt Hub

Work is going on behind the scenes on new material with at least one new release due later this year. Alongside this I am soldering my way through the usual mountain of awesome vintage studio gear resurrections as well as working on a major new design for a number of lucky famous clients… more on this later in the year!

If you are ever curious about what goes on behind the scenes my SoundCloud is often updated with test recordings made during major overhauls and restorations.

I recently put together a playlist of some of the more memorable moments over the past few years…

Listen to Hideaway Studio’s Secret World of Vintage Synths

AKAI S612 Front Panel Animator Modules:

My S612 MIDI Front Panel Animators have proven to be very popular with several now in use with major artists and they have been put to good use on at least two commercial albums to date. I receive a steady stream of enquiries regarding their availability and pricing so in case any of you are curious about this upgrade, the self-install kits are currently going for around 120 GBP. This includes free shipping to the UK, EU, US and CA. If you have any questions about the FPA Modules feel free to email me at:

dan AT hideawaystudio DOT co DOT uk

Here is the FPA Module in action:

Hear Hideaway Studio’s S612 Front Panel Animator Module in Action

As always, very many thanks for all of your kind comments and feedback – it really does mean a lot to me…

All the Best.

Dan Wilson, Hideaway Studio.
Hideaway Studio, May 2018.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at the above email address.

General System Requirements:

Please Note all Hideaway Studio instrument libraries require a full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above (they will only run for a few minutes in the free Kontakt Player before timing out).

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