Hideaway Studio is Having a Winter Sale!

Announcing the Hideaway Studio Winter Sale Exclusively on Kontakt Hub…
Hideaway_Xmas_Promo KH 2017

After some thought I have decided to offer this year 2 FREE Hideaway libraries to anybody that buys Polivox and 50% off all bundles including The Blue Zone.

Hideaway Studio – 50% Off Bundles Sale – Ends 31st Jan

NEW – Cinematics – Save 50%
NEW – l’aperitif – Save 50%
NEW – Layer Cakes – Save 50%

NEW – The Blue Zone 01-25 Special Edition – Save 50%

2 FREE Hideaway Libraries of Your Choice With Every Purchase of Polivox

Purchase Polivox and get two free libraries of your choice from Hideaway Studio. Simply email Kontakt Hub via their Contact Page after your purchase with your selection. The offer excludes the 4 bundles that are on sale above.

Please note that the Winter Sale offers are only currently available via Kontakt Hub.

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