Welcome to Hideaway Studio…

Striking The Right Balance…

As some of my loyal customers have already reported in various forums, my dilemma of late has been trying to strike the right balance between my Sound Design, Vintage Synth Restoration and Custom Studio Electronics Design ventures. Since I built my synth workshop aka “The Lab” its become pivotal to my work and literally hundreds of pieces of cherished old studio gear have passed through its doors for some TLC.

In the past few years I have felt extremely honored to be synth engineer for a small number of world famous electronic music artists. For reasons of privacy I’m not permitted to say who they are but the sheer amount of studio gear I’ve had an opportunity to work on and resurrect over past few years has been impressive to say the least. This includes some of the rarest and most desirable vintage synths ever built and it has been very exciting to be able to resurrect and play these amazing beasts in the flesh.


Something is in the Pipeline…

On the sound design front there is an exciting and positive side to this. In the background I am amassing a significant amount of raw material for future projects and what I work on is also a great source of inspiration. Some of this material is currently making it to new projects I’ve been working on for some time now. One of these projects is now well progressed with the visuals in place but, frustratingly, has been delayed due to me having a strong idea of the character I’m trying to achieve sonically and yet feeling that some of the material was perhaps going in the wrong direction. As any of my cohorts will tell you, one of the tricky aspects in making instrument libraries is creating sounds that coexist well with one another not least in order to expand the possibilities of layering sounds to form interesting new textures and landscapes.

What I can say with total conviction is that at least two new libraries will be released during 2017.

The S612 Front Panel Animator…


For those of you who enjoy the virtues of vintage samplers a recent project may be of interest…

Last year I developed a new retrofit upgrade module for the venerable AKAI S612 giving an interesting new lease of life to this old beast and a number of major electronic artists are now using retrofitted machines in their studios. The 612 Front Panel Animator Module (FPA Module) finally gives the function that so many loyal S612 owners have wanted for years – ie. rapid and precise realtime control over the infamous Start/End/Splice front panel controls via MIDI CCs as well as the filter, decay and vibrato controls. The result is a characterful sampler with a tiny sample memory that can positively dance in ways never imagined…

To anyone interested here is a link to a thread on the subject including demos on the Gearslutz forum:


If anyone is interested in further details on the 612 FPA Modules please email me.

A big thank you to all my loyal customers and clients. Hideaway Studio Kontakt libraries are still proving very popular. It is forever a great excitement when I hear that my libraries have been used in all manner of music compositions including several TV, media and even major film scores. As time goes on two interesting trends are becoming apparent. The Hideaway Studio libraries are proving particularly popular among professional TV composers around the world including the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. The second trend has always intrigued me in that many of my customers are in fact guitarists!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at: dan@hideawaystudio.co.uk

All the Best,

Dan Wilson, Hideaway Studio.


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