Hideaway Studio Proudly Presents: The Blue Zone 01-25 Special Edition

“These Blue Zone sound libraries are some of my favorites. Shimmering, murky, distant, distressed, and very evocative. I love sounds that feel like they’ve been through hell on their way to the speakers, and these are right on the money. Highly recommended, and such a bargain!”

Charlie Clouser, Film & TV Composer.

“when I first came across them, I spent a whole afternoon listening through in absolute wonder. They are without a doubt, some of the best tones I have ever heard & so meticulous in their detail. I’ll look forward to using them on up coming film & media production cues and in a variety of other projects, too.”

Simon Power, Composer & Sound Designer for BBC’s Doctor Who audiobooks

TBZ0125_Promo ImageThe Blue Zone, an ongoing series of one-off experimental electronic textures and instruments, has been growing through incremental releases over the past year. It has proven to be extremely popular with just over 3000 copies sold to date and now being used in TV, Film and Media studios across the world.

2014 is looking now set for some exciting use of The Blue Zone Series instruments in a number of high profile projects!…

Most of the sounds in the series have been created from scratch using unusual combinations of custom tube hybrid equipment, experimental analog circuits, tape delays, ring modulators, vintage analog gear and test equipment. These sounds and textures in this series are mostly but not exclusively aimed at Ambient, New Age and Sound Score genres. Each instrument is presented with a basic subtractive synthesizer interface permitting the user to further tweak the sound to suit his needs.

In celebration of the first year of the series a Special Edition release of the first 25 incremental releases are presented as one library along with their original audio demos. The instrument names have been prefixed to indicate their release number. 44 bonus layered multis have been included that span across the library – these have been prefixed with TBZxx and include several complex arpeggiated offerings. A “rogues gallery” of much of the equipment used to make TBZ01-25 can also be found in the documentation folder along with some production notes giving clues on what gear was used for each sound.

The Blue Zone 01-25 Special Edition is available in two forms permitting new customers and existing customers to take the most cost effective route:

New Customers  ..or those currently with very few TBZ offerings

A full pre-installed download of all 22 instruments officially released to date along with the following extras is now available:

• 1GB of 24-bit samples
• TBZ13 Area_13 “The One That Got Away”
• TBZ24 Crystallum Modus
• TBZ25 Snow Flakes
• 44 New Layered Multis blending cross library textures with TBZxx prefix
• Original 78 .nkis & 56 .nkms now prefixed for easy identification of release
• Original demos for the first 25 releases (in mp3 format)
• 28 minute long compilation of select demos from the series (mp3 format)
• “Rogues Gallery” of much of the equipment used in the making of the series
• Production release note summary for clues on how each sound was made
• List of instruments and layered multis along with original release dates

£35 (Full Bundle of Blue Zone Releases 01 thru 25:  1.2GB d/l Kontakt 4.2.4 and above)

System Requirements

• Approximately 1.2GB of free hard disk space is required (full library)
• Kontakt 4.2.4 (full version)
• A Velocity Sensitive Keyboard is Highly Recommended
• A Sustain Pedal will prove very effective in many intances

Existing Customers

To existing customers who have all the TBZ releases to date (or only require a few to catch up) a very attractively priced Booster Pack is available containing all of the above extras but not the original sample data which must be copied over from your existing library.

NB: The booster pack contains the sample data for TBZ13,24 & 25 only.


Once the booster pack has been applied the specification of both installations will be identical.

  £4.50 (380MB d/l Kontakt 4.2.4 and above)


D.A.Wilson  Custom Equipment, Sound Design and Audio Demos
Stephen Howell (Hollow Sun)  Conceptual GUI Design & Graphics
Mario Krušelj  GUI Script

HS-4KL-BZ99 (SE) & HS-4KL-BZ98 (BP) (25/11/13)

The Blue Zone Series Instrument Release Summary:

HS-4KL-BZ01 £1.50 The Blue Zone: The Blue Zone
HS-4KL-BZ02 £1.50 The Blue Zone: The Electron Forest
HS-4KL-BZ03 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Anthem Keys
HS-4KL-BZ04 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Flux Reversal
HS-4KL-BZ05 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Choppersphere
HS-4KL-BZ06 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Water Strings
HS-4KL-BZ07 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Tri-Phased Intervals
HS-4KL-BZ08 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Sustained Infinity
HS-4KL-BZ09 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Cyclic Resonance
HS-4KL-BZ10 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Tape Dreams
HS-4KL-BZ11 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Heavenly One
HS-4KL-BZ12 £1.50 The Blue Zone: After Dark
HS-4KL-BZ14 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Triple Phased Halo
HS-4KL-BZ15 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Tubed Electrostatic Sustain
HS-4KL-BZ16 £1.50 The Blue Zone: PM3211 AirVox
HS-4KL-BZ17 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Oil Can Overdrive
HS-4KL-BZ18 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Chopped Chymes
HS-4KL-BZ19 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Quantum Entropy
HS-4KL-BZ20 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Electron Clouds
HS-4KL-BZ21 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Radio_TBZ
HS-4KL-BZ22 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Panoramic Tones
HS-4KL-BZ23 £1.50 The Blue Zone: Alien Waterscape


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